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“Very nice people, would recommend again. I think they were fair with the outcome. Thank you Faulkner’s ... plus Kathleen is a super sweet lady that really seems like she genuinely cares.”

Christy S.

“I recommend Faulkner Law Offices. If you are looking for a good lawyer, this is the person to put trust in. I can say he will fight the fight and help you all the way. Faulkner Law is the best of the best.”

Tony C.

“Great accident attorney. Highly recommend them if you are seeking an attorney for an injury."

Jesse L.

"These attorneys are some of the best. They work hard for your case. They are involved in every aspect of your case. I can't say enough good things about this law office. I would recommend them to anyone."

Meghan L.

“I contacted Jim Faulkner regarding an automobile accident that I had been injured in. Upon our first meeting, I felt very comfortable and confident I had selected the right attorney to represent me. Jim and Matt were easy to work with, answering any questions I had and always kept me informed. It was a privilege to work with them both. I highly recommend Faulkner Law Offices for legal representation.”

Constance P.

"I only have experienced Faulkner Law Offices as always being there for people in need. Including me. No matter the need. This law firm pushed themselves to higher standards on a daily basis. Never do they sit idle while their clients' lives spiral out of control in the unfamiliar legal world. Instead, all three of these attorneys stand ready to fight for, protect, and litigate for their clients' rights and have a proven track record of my claim. I would use Faulkner Law Firm again and encourage anyone looking for sharp legal representation to do the same. Professional representation coupled with intelligent yet, kind advocacy."

Julie G.

"Faulkner Law hired us to provide Expert Witness Services for a client. I cannot only say that the Faulkner team is thorough and truly investigative in resources, research, and investigation, but also puts heart and soul into every case they represent. They go far and beyond any other law practice we have worked for in caring for their clients."

Heather B.

"Had a motorcycle accident a while back, in 2014. Got recommended by my employer to visit the Faulkner Law Office. And to be honest, they did a very good job. They handled all the hospital issues, insurance issues and at the end of the day I ended up with some good amount of cash in my pocket. I highly recommend anybody to give them a visit if you're having accident issues. They will take good care of you! Great family business!"

Gilbert O.

"After having the compassionate and professional help I received with the Faulkner team, I wish I'd worked with them sooner. They are profoundly resourceful, shrewd, and kind to their clients. I'm so grateful for their assistance and will continue to look to them for all our family's legal needs."

David O.

"An honest lawyer you can trust! Leave the legal details to Matt as he is very experienced and understands that the goals of the also his goal!"

Mercedes M.

"They handled the name change process of my son. They strive for promptness and professionalism. I highly recommend their firm and services."

Antonio E.

"The Faulkner firm is the most truthful and knowledgeable people I know. I personally know Mathew and he is the most ethical, passionate and more genuine attorney. Mathew is just so passionate about what he does for his clients that he will exceed your expectations."

Gisela P.

"The Faulkners are wonderful attorneys and extremely kind people. They treat those they interact with like people to be helped, not just a case to be handled. I strongly recommend that anybody with legal questions call Faulkner Law Offices."

Jamie W.

"As a criminal defense law firm, it is good to know attorneys in other areas of practice who always put their clients first. We know that if we send a family member, friend, or one of our clients to the Faulkner Law Office, they will be treated well and will receive superb representation."

Campbell W.

"Amazing service. They were very knowledgeable and quickly helped me to resolve my legal issues."

Jonathan W.

"The attorneys at this law firm are first-rate! They are experienced, dedicated and genuinely nice people."

Terry P.

"My family has known the Faulkner family for over 38 yrs, so when my husband and I had a car accident 11 yrs ago, I knew exactly who I was going to call. From the word "hello" they treated us like their own family, handled our case with love and care - not just another case, and also helped us with many personal issues we had along the way. Through the years I've called for advice on various other legal matters. I highly recommend Faulkner Law Offices for all your legal needs."

Heather M.

"I have used Faulkner Law Offices many times through the years, and Jim, Kathleen and Matthew Faulkner have been very helpful in the number of questions I have had concerning the law. The consultations they offered have been informative, and they have tried to provide enough information for me to pursue legal matters on my own. Whenever there were times for them to go to court, they have been calming and knowledgeable in the proceedings during stressful times. I highly recommend Faulkner Law Offices for legal needs."

Jason R.

"Got into a car accident, obviously not my fault. I contacted them and about 5 other law firms. Finally decided on them as they seemed the ones that actually cared about me as opposed to my case. This is one decision that I have never regretted. After an initial 2 hour meeting, I have spent about 3-5 hours total working on this (mostly them updating me and getting approval to send letters). They dealt with my insurance, his insurance, the insurance of the other guy he hit, and 3 different medical offices getting everything taken care of. The money I saved by going with them is about double what they charged. They got more out of my insurance company than I could have and negotiated down the liens the medical offices had. Highly recommended."

Michael W.

"I was not a client of the firm, but I did have the privilege of working for Faulkner Law Offices for about two months as part of my schooling. After working with Matt and Jim, I can say that they are both excellent lawyers. They are very thorough in preparing for any case that they accept, and they are not intimidated by big insurance companies. The thing that makes this firm unique is that Matt and Jim prepare every case as though it is going to trial. They do not pressure their clients into settling their case if the settlement offer is low. After working with the Faulkners for the past two months, I can say that they have earned their reputation as two of the best personal injury lawyers in Bakersfield."

Wesley E.